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SEO tips for niche businesses

Do you specialise in repairing antique wardrobes? Perhaps you run a vinyl pressing service? If you own a niche business with a very specific and small target consumer base, your SEO campaign must be expertly catered to suit this. Read on to discover some search engine marketing tips for niche businesses in particular.

Get to truly know your audience

There is only one place to begin, and this is by getting to know your audience. Yes, you know you have a very specific target consumer base. However, what are their needs and search habits? What are their content discovery preferences? You need to carry out in-depth research to truly understand your audience so that you can deliver a website and content that is fully catered to their requirements.

Come up with ideas that are truly original

Businesses like to state that they have come up with an ‘original’ concept or content, but in reality they are just updating the research or looking at something from a new perspective. However, as a niche business owner, you do have the capacity to come up with something truly original because your industry is unconventional as it is. Ask questions that have never been asked before and do some original research. You will be able to establish your business as the thought leader in a space whereby full content potential is yet to be reached.

Prioritise relevance when searching for the right long-tail phrases

Long-tail keyword research is another important part of the process. Since contextual search was revolutionised by Hummingbird and Panda, traditional keywords have lost some of their value. For unique niches, though, long-tail keywords are highly important. Unlike traditional business, audience size and competition won’t be overly concerning. The main element you need to consider is relevance.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding how to optimise your website and content for search engine excellence as a niche Manchester business. This is something we can help you to achieve at Epic New Media. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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