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Surprisingly important SEO factors

SEO is essential to helping your website to grow. By increasing your ranking in the returned results on search engines, your webpage will appear higher up in the list. This means that more people are likely to click on your link, giving you more people to convert.

There are many guides to SEO online, and with a quick search, you can gather large amounts of information, some of it complicated and contradictory. However, some SEO factors are more important than others when attempting to market your site. Here are some surprisingly important SEO factors you need to consider to help you boost your rankings.

1. Keywords

Everyone knows that keywords are vital to good SEO management, but did you know that the keywords you use need to be exactly the same as those input into the search engine? As such, simple aspects such as plurals, different spellings, and Americanisation will drastically change your SEO results. Consider your target market and judge what they are most likely to use.

2. Meta descriptions

Search engine algorithms don’t just consider the words in the main body of your web page’s text, they also scan your meta descriptions too. This means you need to treat your meta descriptions as you would your text and consider inserting important keywords into this area too. The meta description is the text that appears below the link in the returned results, so make sure it appeals to readers too!

3. Repetition

While it is important to insert keywords into your text, it is also just as important not to insert too many. Search engine algorithms will consider your webpage to be spam if it contains too many keywords, and will ignore your page when offering suggestions to users. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring your text reads naturally. Text should be informative as well as used for SEO purposes, so try and make it the best of both worlds!

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