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The importance of being SEO relevant

There was a major Google algorithm shift at the beginning of March targetting relevancy. Wherever in the UK you are based – whether it be Manchester or somewhere else entirely – you may have seen this affect your website. Indeed, industry experts shared analysis showing that the effect had been noted across a whole range of sites.

Often, SEO is reactive because these kinds of changes cannot always be predicted. But is there any way to make sure that your site is as future-proof as possible?

Be relevant

In light of the recent algorithm change mentioned above, being relevant is more important now than ever. When the update went live, sites across the web noticed changes. For many niche sites, this algorithm change was actually positive, whereas for others it was not.

Being relevant makes sense and is what any SEO agency would recommend. If you are a Manchester-based plumber, then your site should be relevant to you. You should post content relevant to plumbing primarily, but also Manchester if, for example, you want to write content about local supply stores.

Trying to be relevant in other areas is only going to damage your chances of ranking well for your top commercial goals. Stay in your niche to win those position one rankings.

Listen to Google

Although Google often does spring these algorithm changes on the web without much prior warning, they do frequently give signals and hints at what is to come – and sometimes they give instructions.

When they made their shift from HTTP to HTTPS, for example, there was a lot of messaging delivered to ensure that sites were up to speed.

The same is true now that Google is moving toward mobile-first indexing. Be aware of the general direction that Google is heading in – or at least take your SEO agency’s advice when they warn you. For a business based in Manchester that is relying on local business, this second mobile-first change is going to be particularly important.

If someone searches for plumbers in Manchester on their phone, you want to make sure that your site is ready and waiting for them!

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