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Three SEO hacks you need to try

It used to be the case that SEO could be achieved through a series of formulaic moves, which would guarantee better performance and better rankings. However, SEO has evolved significantly and now incorporates so many different elements that just using a few set moves won’t cut it anymore.

Despite this, many companies and SEO specialists are still using the same old tricks, hoping to gain a successful result. At Epic New Media, we know that approaches to SEO need to be dynamic. As such, our experts have created a list of SEO hacks that you need to try, helping to increase your website’s marketing outreach and visibility.

1. Don’t just rely on Google

YouTube is the second largest search engine and offers a huge opportunity to connect businesses and potential customers. While your website is important, it is also a great idea to create a YouTube channel, directing people from this website to your products and services. Not only will this increase the number of visitors to your pages, but it will also improve your overall brand image, offering customers more content.

2. Use https://

Google algorithms show a preference for https:// sites rather than traditional http:// versions. This is due to the secure nature of https:// websites, encrypting the data and preventing external actors from accessing it. Equally, this will have a positive impact on your website’s end users, as they know they will be able to use the website more securely without fear of malicious interference.

3. Write naturally

While there are many ways of writing for SEO content, and lots of websites will attempt to include as many keywords as possible into their pages, this should not be at the expense of writing naturally. Natural writing will ensure that people spend longer on your pages, engage with more of your website, and are likely to rate it higher too. This is just as important as the technical details of SEO.

At Epic New Media, we pride ourselves on taking a dynamic and bespoke approach to SEO, ensuring that we can provide you with all of the assistance you need. For more information, please contact us today.

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