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Three White Hat SEO Strategies That Will Never Fail

One of the main challenges with SEO is unpredictability. The algorithms are changing constantly, which means a strategy might work one week and fail the next. Despite this, there are a few techniques that are unlikely to ever fail you. In this blog post, we’re explaining what they are and why they are so important.

1. Create Good Content

They say content is king, and we’re not here to disagree. The days of writing bland, meaningless SEO content to cram in those keywords are over. If you create high-quality content based on what people are actually looking for, you will likely benefit from future changes to the algorithm. People want to read great content – so that’s what the search engines strive to give them (and you should too!).

2. Improve User Experience

How do people feel when they’re using your website? Does it load quickly? Can they find everything they’re looking for? Is it mobile-friendly? Google wants to provide users with the best possible results, and this includes user experience – as they showed us in 2015, with the introduction of RankBrain. This uses metrics from your website (e.g. pages per session) to determine whether people like using your website. When you make user experience a priority, you’re putting yourself on the same page as the algorithm. This should only ever improve your ranking, not detract from it.

3. Focus Your Research on People First

Keyword research is still an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. Although this may change at some point in the future, finding the right long-tail keywords can make all the difference when it comes to making sure your content ranks well. However, this shouldn’t be your primary concern when creating your SEO strategy. The reason the algorithm changes regularly, as we’ve already mentioned, is to ensure the best possible results are being provided to the end-user. These are the people you need to think about when creating your strategy.

Focus your research on finding out exactly what they want. What are they searching for? How can you help them? How can you keep them on your website for longer? If you make them happy, you make the algorithm happy – and your website will make its way up the rankings as a result.

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