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Top tips for conversion rate optimisation

Marketing professionals often focus on getting traffic to the website, but in doing so they may be guilty of ignoring the interaction that they have from this point forward. Getting 1,000 people to visit a webpage is great if 250 of them are converted into customers, but more commonly traffic driving has the effect of bringing customers that aren’t really interested in your products to your website. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is as important if not more important than getting customers to your website, so here we consider some top tips to improve conversion.

Mobile experience

One of the most common failures of websites is that they are not mobile friendly. While the website may adjust to fit on a phone, people often forget to consider the mobile experience that they are actually offering. A web page designed on a desktop will almost invariably be too content rich and cluttered for mobile platforms and this can make the mobile experience difficult. It is worth asking a friend who doesn’t know the website to check it out on a mobile phone. Doing so will often highlight the difficulties in using it.

Browser testing

We are all guilty of having a favourite type of technology. Whether you love Apple products or prefer Androids, we all tend to flock towards a single platform and in doing so we run the risk of creating websites that are suitable only for that platform. Websites need testing on all platforms because they may behave differently through Firefox on a Mac to Chrome on an Android. Your customers don’t all use the same devices so you need to test your website across the board to improve conversion rate optimisation.

Need for speed

Quite simply CRO relies largely on the speed of your website. If your page loads slowly then you will lose customers immediately.

Value your proposition

Another key reason that customers leave a website because it is unclear. You need to value your proposition and tell the customer exactly what you do. Trying to please A and B often causes you to lose both, so you need to ensure your website is highly focused. You should not clutter the page with info and should instead get straight to the point.

Fixing these simple elements of your website will help you to improve your rate of conversion and give you a better return on investment for your advertising.

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