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Is Pinterest worth the Investment?

You have likely been told that you need a Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter profile, and countless other social media handles in order to attract as many potential customers as possible. Alongside the main names mentioned, Pinterest is another interesting social platform for businesses because it is a powerful visual discovery tool. It is different to any other social network because it‘s more geared toward bookmarking as opposed to personal updates – users update their Pinterest profile with ‘Pins’ which are images and these Pins are collected to boards.


The opportunity for businesses with Pinterest is simple – for anybody that sells physical products, you can Pin your own stock to your boards which can then be repinned by potential customers or simply folk who have the same interests as you. It‘s a really simple concept, but it can be incredibly lucrative because Pinterest has a very neat feature called Rich Pins.


Rich Pins are interactive and detailed Pins. A regular Pin on Pinterest is just an image which links out to the source, but a Rich Pin has much more.


For example, there are currently five types of Rich Pin: movie, article, product, and place. Each of these will fit in with your model somehow. The most exciting Rich Pin is for products, though, and there are retailers currently rocking Pinterest so well that they‘re getting thousands of pounds worth of monthly sales just because they took the time to invest. Notable brands on Pinterest include Gap, Topshop, Samsung Home, and Audi UK. The types of brand on Pinterest are endless and the platform has proven itself as one of the most engaged with social networks on the planet.


So is Pinterest worth the investment?


There is at least one business within every industry on the planet on Pinterest, but that‘s not to say all of those businesses have found success with it. For retailers, Pinterest is a lucrative opportunity because it allows them to tap into a highly visual audience and get their products in front of potential customers.


For a freelance copywriter, though, Pinterest isn‘t likely to be that rewarding.


Essentially, if you have tangible products, you can make Pinterest work. The trick is to Pin often and share other peoples Pins – the same rings true for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, but being selfish on Pinterest ALWAYS results in 0% engagement, whereas on other networks brands can strike lucky.


Treat Pinterest like its very own content marketing strategy and curate content for best results.


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