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Why You Should be Using LinkedIn in Your Marketing

If you’re involved in marketing at any level you will know the importance of utilising all the tools at your fingertips to get the right messages, to the right prospects, in the right ways and at the right time. You are probably using email marketing, social media accounts, and all sorts of content creation programmes. But have you thought about using LinkedIn as part of your marketing arsenal?

Since its launch LinkedIn has become much more than just a networking tool for professionals –it now goes much further in connecting people and generating new opportunities.

Its Content Marketing Score has now been opened up publically, paving the way for the channel to become the next big thing in content marketing. The platform means marketers can measure audience engagement with content, generating huge swathes of meaningful data to help tailor future efforts.

In essence the score tells marketers what is working, and what isn’t. But it does so with a good level of detail, highlighting which groups respond positively, which don’t, and the potential reasons. The data can even show results right down to the specific user level.

All this means that marketers can see which exact content gets the best responses from which users, and target quality content accordingly. By linking this in with general efforts to boost brand awareness and engagement, this can make for a very powerful tool. And because LinkedIn is a professional network the connections are a lot more valuable than on social media sites, so the business opportunities could be lucrative if you can get to the right people.

Below are some top tips for using LinkedIn to generate leads:

  • Be active
    Seek out the various discussion groups related to your market and become part of them. Give your advice and comments freely to get yourself known as an authority in the field.

    You can also send messages to members of groups – use this function wisely.

  • Be cheeky
    It can feel uncomfortable, but it can also pay huge dividend to ask your contacts to introduce you to some of their contacts.
  • Be complementary
    Being nice to people can get you a long way – compliment other people on their businesses and they will be sure to look favourably on your next contact.
  • Be inquisitive
    Use your status updates to actively engage with people – post questions or comments on the latest industry developments.
  • Be seen
    You must be active regularly on LinkedIn to ensure connections do not forget who you are.

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